The Confusion Between Culture and Brands

November 07, 2018

The Confusion Between Culture and Brands

Does your company have a brand?... or does it have a culture. A brand is the character your company personifies. Contrary to popular belief, it isn't a weekly happy hour or a cold brew keg, but the way the company acts as if it were a person.

Brands take time to develop and when executed perfectly consumers can be drawn to your company on purely what you stand for rather than what you are selling.

This may take a while, but here's a short cut!

It starts with a unique and memorable experience. Promotional products are the most cost-effective when you calibrate your marketing strategy to align with that brand. Choosing giveaways that are trendy and used often will translate to a higher number of impressions, but using the same promotional giveaways at events year-round is wasted energy!

As we enter fall, and the tailgating season, promote your unique brand with a unique promotional product that will be used all season long. For ideas, check us out at!



Matt Kaiser