Brewski Bandz ramps up website, grows social media marketing, and implements ambassador program, all in February!

November 15, 2016

Most exciting month yet, February!

Sit back and relax, because I am about to give you the big fat February update!
This month was jam packed with tons of activity, including Instagram growth, new client inquires, and attending our first EXTREME beer festival. It’s my duty, as founder, to give you the brief synopsis of what’s happening at Brewski Bandz HQ and keep you up to date, so here it goes.
I want to start with something that has been very exciting for the company, and that is our online presence. Thanks to Ben Sawicki with BaS Marketing, we have an amazing site, with a fully functional shop and, brand new to Brewski Bandz, an ambassador program launching this month. Since the website, we've experienced exponential sales of Brewski Bandz, new potential Brewski Band Ambassadors, growing wholesale interest, as well as interest from our international fans in South America, Canada, and Europe. Traffic to the website has grown immensely thanks to our growing fan base on Instagram.Last month, we’ve averaged 12 likes per picture, 125 followers, and maybe 1-2 follows a day. Today we have over 800 followers, and grow by nearly 40 followers a day, all thanks to you! The growth and interest we’ve received in the past few months has been incredible, thanks to a few articles , a helpfulroommate, and of course, all the people that have supported me since day one! I truly appreciate everyone who has shown their support!
With all that said, we are weeks away from being patent protected! This is truly something I have held dear to my heart. Ever since I was young, I always wanted to be an inventor, and this prestigious certificate verifies my hard work. I will post a picture as soon as it arrives!
As we move into March, I need your help to spread Brewski Bandz even more and grow even bigger, as once a college start-up, to a well-known promotional product suitable for the masses! I encourage you to purchase one, take pictures, share on social media and wear it everywhere. Not only can you bring awareness to the product by wearing it, but the revenue is reinvested into the marketing budget for social media, ads, and promotional material.
Thank you all for supporting me as we move into March! Please keep in touch, I’m constantly reading and loving all of your ideas, comments, and questions!
Matt Kaiser
Founder, Brewski Promotionz, LLC
[email protected]
PS: Promo codes for Brewski Bandz are released weekly via social media, so make sure you’re following us!

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